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If your name is drawn you will receive Free Business Class Airfare to any of our Destinations for 2 adults and 2 children 12 years of age or under.

Jul 1st Winner is Odorizz Family from Elie, Manitoba , Canada.

Customer Reviews

Heath Family San Diego California United States

Excellent Price, Value and overall vacation experience, thanks!

Capen Family Brooks Alberta Canada

Thank you Caribbean Discount International for allowing me and my family to take the vacation of a life time.

Vaughn Family Belleville Michigan United States

I thought my wife went crazy when she told me she purchased a vacation from a telemarketing company, I thought to myself there goes my money down the drain, then my family arrived at the Resorts and I was proven wrong and now I listen to my wife more than I use to.

Bracey Family Milpita California United States

We were skeptical at first once we purchased the package but the final result is we received everything we were promised and enjoyed a sunny and warm vacation in Cancun, Mexico

Moala Family Nisku Alberta Canada

Absolutely the best vacation we had ever, thank you Gisselle for all your help you’re a rock star in my families eyes.

Rittman Family Lawrence Kansas United States

Our resort vacation was lovely although the cruise was lacking to say the least as our entire family was sea sick the entire cruise.

Tremble Family Burnabay British Columbia Canada

At first I wanted my money back then I spoke with David and he was kind enough to say I was just acting normal as everyone gets Buyer´s Remorse, then he ensured me just to try the service first before I make up my mind which I did and me and my wife a wonderful vacations in Cancun, Mexico and hope to travel there in the very near future. Thank you again David for your patients with me.

Ekanayake Family Washington DC United States

Thank you Roger the Promotional Manager for explaining the tour of the resort so well and in detail as it was truly what you said it would be and makes total sense, My family would never had thought about buying a Vacation Club in the past but did.

Lenzy Family Odessa Texas United States

The sales call was so long around 1 hour and the Sales Manager talked a lot but in the end the entire sales experience was well worth the time as both Resort Vacation in Orlando, Florida and the cruise was worth the extra hassle we had to go through.

Ademilola Family Neebing Ontario Canada

Firstly let me say once we purchased we did have issue when calling in to get help with using our vacation package, seems everybody else was trying to get the help at the same time so I sent an email to the company and someone called me back right away. I do not expect companies to be perfect, although I expect them to recover from customer service issues like Caribbean Discounts International did and everything else went smoothly, thank you for your assistance Martin!


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